2023 Rendezvous Activity Review Camp

For reviewers:

In association with the ninth annual Earth Educators' Rendezvous

Review Camp Applications are closed.

Apply to participate in our annual "Review Camp" to help peer-review the collections of submitted teaching activities from Teach the Earth and NAGT-sponsored programs. We seek reviewers from across the disciplines to evaluate the content and pedagogical quality of Teach the Earth's contributed collections as well as related activities from other projects. We will select 25 reviewers from the pool of applicants. For this important service, NAGT will provide a $500 stipend that will help offset your Rendezvous travel and registration. Stipends will be distributed 4 to 6 weeks after the conclusion of the 2023 Earth Educators' Rendezvous. You must take part in synchronous and asynchronous sessions during the review camp and complete all the reviews assigned to you by the agreed upon deadline (TBD) to be eligible to receive the stipend. Preference will be given to full registrants to the in-person Earth Educators' Rendezvous.


All Review Camp participants are expected to register for at least two days of the 2023 Earth Educators' Rendezvous. Due to travel expectations, preference will be given to full participants in the in-person Rendezvous activities.

Prior to the Rendezvous start on July 10, participants are expected to:

  • view this one-hour webinar to familiarize themselves with the review process
  • independently complete 20 teaching activity reviews

Leading up to and during the culminating camp event, participants are expected to:

  • collaborate with fellow reviewers and refine their completed reviews
  • complete and finalize their full complement of reviews (20 total)

At the Rendezvous, we plan to hold an optional, informal meet-up (date/time TBD). The casual event will give us a chance to meet in person, discuss the review process, and mingle with colleagues. The location will be shared as the Earth Educators' Rendezvous approaches, but we are planning for a venue within easy walking distance from the host campus.

Activities will be assigned on a rolling basis, but several weeks in advance of the review camp. Reviewers are encouraged to complete reviews over a period of time prior to camp to take full advantage of the collaborative opportunities the camp provides. We expect that, on average, an individual review will take about half an hour, but this may vary depending upon the the scope, format, and quality of the activities. At lead-in meetings and during the review process, the group will share experiences and perspectives on activities to refine their reviewing strategy, deal with issues that may arise from reviews, and modify and/or complete additional reviews as time allows.

Selection Criteria

The teaching activities to be reviewed cover a range of topics related to teaching about the Earth across disciplines. Reviewers will be selected based on the following criteria, though other factors specific to the slate of applicants will also bear weight.

  • completed application
  • familiarity with the SERC/Teach the Earth activity collection and previous reviewing or workshop participation
  • knowledge of research-based practices for design and implementation of teaching activities
  • degree of commitment for participation with the 2023 Earth Educators' Rendezvous

Reviews will be assigned to selected participants based as much as possible on a match of disciplinary expertise to materials in the contributed collection. However, due to the collection's wide range of content, reviewers may be assigned reviews outside their area. Reviewers are encouraged to identify their expertise in broad terms, such as "Environmental Geology" or "Paleontology." Reviewers with a diverse background are appreciated.

For those applying for additional monetary support to attend the Earth Educators' Rendezvous, the limit on the combined award from Earth Educators' Rendezvous/NAGT sources (e.g. participation in review camp, travel stipends, etc.) is $500.

Questions: Contact Kyle Fredrick

Pre-Camp Webinar

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