Wednesday Forum

Wednesday 4:30pm-6:00pm CC Building Creveling


Beth Pratt-Sitaula, EarthScope Consortium
Adam Papendieck, The University of Texas at Austin

Connecting coursework to real-world issues that are meaningful to students is an excellent way to increase student engagement in Earth science courses. Place-based learning, focusing on students' local culture, history, and physical environment make course content more relevant to students' lives.Many societal issues related to geoscience (including natural hazards, natural resources, and environmental concerns) increase students' motivation to learn - the value of the content knowledge is clearer to students.This forum will focus on a variety of ways place-based learning and societally-relevant topics can be incorporated into geoscience courses and give participants the opportunity to plan how these topics might be used in their own instructional practice.


Forum presentations slides

The following is a list of resources mentioned during the forum.

Societally-relevant learning

Place-based learning