Teaching Mineral Physics

by Pamela C. Burnley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Below are links to a set of web pages that can be used to teach mineral physics topics. Each page contains an introduction, a list of additional literature, and related links.


A generalized diamond anvil cell assembly with components. Click for larger image.

The Multi-Anvil Apparatus

The Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)

High Pressure Deformation Experiments

Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy

Ultrasonic Measurements

Brillouin Spectroscopy

Mossbauer Spectroscopy

Synchrotron Facilities

Topics and Techniques

Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction

Tensors: Stress, Strain, and Elasticity

Equations of State (EOS)

Phase Equilibria at High Pressure

Diffusion and Partitioning

These materials are being developed with the support of COMPRES, the Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences, under NSF Cooperative Agreement EAR 10-43050 and is partially supported by UNLV's High Pressure Science and Engineering Center, a DOE NNSA Center of Excellence supported under DOE NNSA Cooperative Agreement No. DE FC52-06NA26274.

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