Travel, Lodging, and Accommodations

Please inform us of your travel plans and housing needs by April 30.

Before you complete this form, please read the workshop logistics page (opens in a new window) and make your travel arrangements.

Complete the following form and click on SUBMIT. Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button before leaving this page or your information will be lost.

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(Please Note: Your email address is what we use to track your application and participation in the workshop. Be sure to use the same email address in all forms relating to your workshop participation.)

Please list the person you would like us to contact in the unlikely event of an emergency during the workshop.

Do you anticipate difficulty walking moderate distances? See the logistics page (opens in a new window) for more information about the layout of campus.

In making your travel arrangements, please remember that the workshop starts on Sunday evening, June 25, and will end following dinner on Thursday, June 29. You may also participate in an optional virtual visit to NSF.

If you cannot arrive on Sunday evening, please fly in on Saturday and we will make arrangements for you for Saturday night. (Note: this option is only available if a timely arrival on Sunday is not possible.)

Participants will stay in single-occupancy rooms/suites in air-conditioned residence halls at Macalester College. See the logistics page (opens in a new window) for details.

To find information about which terminal you will arrive and depart from, check out the MSP Terminal Info website (opens in a new window). The airline you are using to fly in and out of MSP will determine which terminal you will use.

We will send arrival information to fellow participants so you may coordinate taxi or rental car rides with other participants if desired.