Initial Publication Date: June 16, 2011

Workshop Synthesis

This page is an attempt to synthesize key take-away messages from the 2011 workshop for Early Career Faculty in the Geosciences.

What We've Learned at this Workshop

  • Teaching strategies (i.e. jigsaw, gallery walk)
  • Research contracts and/or guidelines for students
  • Setting the scope for undergraduate and Masters' level research projects
  • Feedback on proposals
  • Try to write every day
  • How to lead discussions, especially in graduate seminars
  • Staking your claim: this is what I'm going to do
  • SERC has a wealth of online resources
  • It's okay (even good) to take time for ourselves
  • We are not alone
  • We have a lot of collective wisdom
  • Take your iPhone out of your pocket before canoeing
  • Enjoyed learning about other people's research plans
  • Our senior colleagues want to help us and want to see us succeed
  • It's okay to recycle your own work, and you don't need to reinvent the wheel
  • Keep trying -- resubmit your declined proposals

How We Can Support Each Other Going Forward

  • Set up Google group or other virtual spaces to use for community
  • Use the earlycareer11 and EC2011PUI email lists
  • Collaborate (in research and in teaching!)
  • Invite each other for seminars
  • Share our ideas when we see each other (at conferences, etc)
  • Give honest criticism
  • Ask each other to review proposal summaries (and teaching activity ideas, and ....)
  • Point exceptional students to each other
  • Informal gatherings at national meetings (lunch?) (self-organized)
  • Say hello when we see each other (and remind each other of who we are, when and where we met)
  • Form writing accountability groups (writing support groups, writing buddies,....)
  • Join ESWN (if you are female): Earth Science Women's Network
  • Look for other networks