Initial Publication Date: April 13, 2015

Education Issues

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Are there expectations that your department will contribute significantly to teaching non-majors on your campus?
Almost all departments said that there were expectations to contribute significantly to teaching non-majors.

Is it important in your department to integrate, or balance, research and education?
Almost all departments said that it was important to integrate research and education.

  • Some expressed annoyance that there is even a question about this; it is a given
  • By far the most common effort is to provide a research experience for undergraduates
  • Several indicated that teaching is very important in annual reviews and promotion cases (e.g., "people don't get tenure unless they take both very seriously")
  • Flexible teaching/research loads that don't go to zero in either area
  • Faculty mentoring of junior faculty by senior faculty known for their effective integration of research and education
  • Hiring faculty in geoscience education positions