Workshop Instruments


The workshop application not only helps conveners select participant departments, it also helps describe the current state of the department and the attitudes, goals, and motivations prior to the workshop.

End of workshop surveys

The end of workshop survey is the most critical evaluation instrument in measuring the success of the workshop. It is important to have 100% participation and collect a survey from each participant before they leave the workshop.

End of Workshop Survey for Traveling Workshops

Action plans

After repeatedly hearing from participants that they would like more reflection time, we instituted an action plan activity at the close of the workshop. Developing an action plan gives participants the time to reflect on how they'll put what they learned to practice as well as gives evaluators an idea of the sustained impact of the workshop.

action plan template


For multiple day workshops, we collect formative responses from participants at the end of each workshop day through a roadcheck form. The roadcheck gives conveners immediate feedback on how the program is going for participants. It can also provide input it into the structure of the remaining workshop days (if that flexibility is possible). Roadchecks should be anonymous unless it is necessary to collect summative or longitudinal data.

Roadcheck from Assessing Geoscience Programs Workshop

Evaluation Reports