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Bouncing Ball Explorer
Duncan Carlsmith, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Exploration of the sound of a bouncing ball dropped on a hard surface, the sound recorded with a mobile phone or laptop microphone, is the basis for an accessible experiment in elementary mechanics. For ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity
Subject: Physics
MATLAB Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the Teaching Computation in the Sciences Using MATLAB Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Iterative methods for solving linear systems
Blanca Guillén, Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira
Students will learn Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel and SOR methods for solving linear systems. Students are also asked to generate the iterative matrices, decide about the convergence and compare the results obtained with ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Problem Set
Subject: Mathematics

The Human Matrix
Sarah Patterson, Virginia Military Institute
For this activity, we will look at accessing data in a matrix and manipulating it. Students will again be arranged into several rectangular arrays. Each student will have a whiteboard to write down their assigned ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity
Subject: Mathematics, Computer Science

the importance of annotation: using published code to learn for loops and syntax.
rachel bergstrom, Beloit College
In this activity, students used a published EEG analysis algorithm in conjunction with Mathwork's Matlab Onramp to learn basic matlab syntax and functions and to understand how for loops can be used to perform ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity, Lab Activity
Subject: Computer Science, Biology

Estimation of Elastic Properties of a Composite Laminate Using Matlab
Syd Soltani, Florida Polytechnic University
In this activity, students learn how to use simple Matlab programming to determine the missing material properties for a composite laminate.

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity
Subject: Engineering

Intro to MATLAB Labs
James Long, Liberty University
Set of seven labs in a tutorial format to introduce MATLAB to the first-year student/programmer. Uses MATLAB for Engineering Applications, 5th edition, by William J. Palm III as a reference. Students complete the ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity
Subject: Engineering, Computer Science

Building Intuition for Fourier Series/Transforms
Jenny Magnes, Vassar College
This activity consists of two parts:1. Represent functions using Fourier series.2. Understanding how a function's properties manifest in reciprocal space.

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity
Subject: Physics, Mathematics

Review of MATLAB Basics
Neha Raikar, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
This activity is designed to recap some basic MATLAB concepts. Depending on the MATLAB computing background the student may have, this live script is supposed to be a refresher

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity, Classroom Activity
Subject: Engineering

Simulation of a Block Sliding down a Ramp with Friction
Darren Maczka, The University of Tennessee
This activity is designed to help students gain experience implementing iterative and conditional structures in the context of a physics simulation. Students are given parameters for an object that is being ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity
Subject: Physics, Engineering

Creating your own Optimization code using numerical methods
Gisella Lamas, University of Kentucky
Students were taught how to use numerical methods such as the Golden Section search, Newton-Raphson and Secant method. These methods take a long time when doing by hand and the complexity of optimization problems ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity
Subject: Mathematics, Engineering