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Sustainability Metrics
Natalie Hunt, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Sustainability is a complex term applied to many different contexts in a variety of ways. As a result, it can be challenging to determine how sustainable something really is. In this module, students will use an ...

Sustainability Daily Practice
Greg Gordon, Gonzaga University
The Daily Practice is an ongoing assignment that asks students to make a lifestyle change that contributes to environmental sustainability.

Unit 1: What is Sustainability in the Context of Water?
Robert Turner, University of Washington-Bothell Campus
In this three to four class unit, students will: Assess the case for a global water crisis and its relevance in America. Expand their understanding of sustainability as a contestable concept and movement. Consider ...

Action to Enhance Sustainability
Bill Stigliani, University of Northern Iowa
This assignment is a 10-hour, out-of-class project where each student designs and carries out an action plan to enhance sustainability. Students select from a large suite of alternative actions, most of which can be quantified for reductions in CO2 and energy consumption, as well as in dollar savings.

Teaching about Teaching Sustainability
David Shapiro, Cascadia Community College
This course combines an in-class activity and a service-learning option. Students familiarize themselves with the dynamic behind a particular kind of human induced environmental challenge and then develop a lesson plan to teach the dynamic to younger students in a classroom setting.

Service-Learning to explore Sustainability
Tracy Lai, Seattle Community College-Central Campus
Service-Learning is a means of exploring sustainability and connecting experiential learning with academic study of the topic.

Sustainability and Tax Policy
Tracy Noga, Bentley University
In this assignment students were asked to propose a tax policy change that would encourage businesses or individuals to promote a more sustainable economy. Students are encouraged to think broadly in terms of ...

Using Debates to Engage Students in Sustainability Controversies and Conundrums
Robert Turner, University of Washington-Bothell Campus
A primary feature of this "Water and Sustainability" course is a series of 10 debates on controversial sustainability topics. Each student in the course participates in one of the debates.

Sustainability and Changing Rates of Change
Christopher Coughenour, The Evergreen State College
To understand sustainability, students must understand rates of change. This activity includes a primer on basic rates concepts and an exercise that motivates critical thinking about rates of change and sustainability with an analysis of historical petroleum production rates data from the United States and the world.

This page is authored by Kiki Tömmila Whatcom Community College
This is a guided practice activity that uses the "big ideas" of systems thinking and sustainability to introduce Information Literacy Threshold Concepts. The IL threshold concepts in this assignment are ...