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News and Updates about Serckit: the SERC Content Management System

New Editor Buttons
Posted: Oct 18 2011
Four new buttons have been added to the toolbar in the richtext editor: strikethrough, show blocks, search/replace and paste from Word.
New Hide/Show Options
Posted: Sep 10 2010
There are a couple new options for hide/show boxes. Adding omit_show will leave off the word 'Show' in case you want a different label. Adding show_at_start will cause the text to be shown by default when the page first loads.
Embed YouTube Video
Posted: Aug 9 2010
The CMS now supports embedding YouTube videos directly in your pages. Details are in the documentation.
Improved Form Editing Tool
Posted: Jun 15 2010
The interface for editing forms has been revamped. In addition to working differently it also now tracks (and allows reverting to) past revisions of forms.
Simultaneous Editing Detection
Posted: Jun 2 2010
The CMS will now detect and provide a warning when you attempt to edit a page that has been recently (in the last 15 minutes) edited by another user.
Firefox-HTML Bug Fixed
Posted: Jul 14 2009
We've upgrade the underlying tools that support the editing system and as a result the bug in HTML mode when using Firefox (where spaces were randomly removed from any text you pasted in) should be fixed.
Revised Page Urls
Posted: Jan 16 2009
The page creation interface has been revised to allow you to specify the url.
No CAPTCHAs for Logged in Folks
Posted: Nov 11 2008
People who are logged in will no longer have to fill out the CAPTCHA's at the bottom of forms, since they've already proved their humanity by signing up for an account. Forms that request email addresses and first/last names will also have those fields pre-filled out based on existing account information.
Firefox-HTML mode bug
Posted: Oct 16 2008
There is a bug in the current version of Firefox that appears to randomly remove spaces between words when editing in the html view.
How to Fix Unwanted Bolding
Posted: Oct 16 2008
Several people have run into problems with text turning bold at some point in a page and then not being able unbold the text. Here's what's going on and a simple solution.