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Using the QuickEdit Tools

Pretty much everything you need to know in just one page (or watch the video)

  • QuickEdit Edit Button Click the Edit button in the upper right of the page to enter quickedit mode.
    Click the red Edit Button
    • A green sidebar will appear
    • Editable text will be appear in grey boxes

  • QuickEdit Grey Box Grey areas turn into edit boxes when you click on them
    Click the text you want edit
    • The grey box will change into a richtext editing area with a formatting bar across the top
    • A green Save button will appear
  • QuickEdit Save Button Save Often
    Edit the text and save your changes
    Save Often. If you leave the page without saving changes you'll lose your work.
  • QuickEdit File/Image ToolsFiles and images can be updated and uploaded from the green sidebar
    You can add links by putting the full url in square brackets, or with the addition of the word 'link' you can specify the text of the link in single quotes. Some examples:
    • []
    • [link 'click to see my site']
  • Existing files and images in the page will be listed in the green sidebar.
    • Click the update link next to a file to upload a new revision.
  • Upload new files and images with the upload button in the side bar
    • Once uploaded you can embed them into the page using an id number that you'll be given once the upload completes. For example:[file 1234] or [largeimage 2566]
  • Browse list of past revisions for each grey text box with the 'Undo/Past Revisions' link.
    • Copy and paste in text from previous version to undo unwanted changes.
  • Exit QuickEdit mode using the 'Exit Editing Mode' button
    • Be sure to save your changes first!
  • The 'Full Editing Tools' button will take you to a more comprehensive editing interface.
    • Be sure to save any changes first

Watch the Video

A quick video that describes the basics of the QuickEdit system