Using the QuickEdit Tools

Pretty much everything you need to know in just one page (or watch the video)

  • QuickEdit Edit Button Use the Edit Page button to enter quickedit mode.
    Click the red Edit Button in the upper right corner of the page.
    • A sidebar will appear
    • Text will become editable with a formatting bar across the top
  • QuickEdit Save Button Save Often
    Edit the text and save your changes
  • Save Often. If you leave the page without saving changes you'll lose your work.
  • Links are placed into the text with square bracket tags that look like this:
    • []
    • [link 'click to see my site']
  • Use the Insert a Link button to automatically format your tags. Just enter the url and clickable text, or select the local page you want to link to from the menu. Then use the option to insert directly into the text (where you cursor is) or have it copied to the clipboard so you can paste the tag where-ever you'd like.
  • Existing files and images in the page will be listed in the sidebar.
    • Click the button for the file to get a dialog where you can:
      • Update the file with a new version
      • Get a tag to insert it into the page (just as with links) (e.g. [file 1234] or [largeimage 2566])
      • Update the title, reuse information and other details.
      • Note that for images there is a 'tag options' button which will generate tags for images of different widths, alignments, captions, etc....
  • Upload new files and images with the upload button in the side bar
    • You can drag in multiple files at once if you like.
    • After upload the system will show you the dialog with the options to provide more information and insert it directly into the page.
  • Untitled.pngThe system saves all your past edits.
    The View Past Versions link at the right end of the formatting bar lets you view (and recover) past versions of text.
    • Copy and paste in text from a previous version to undo unwanted changes.
  • Untitled 2.pngExit editing to see how the final appearance of your page.
    Exit QuickEdit mode using the 'Exit Editing' button.
    • Once you exit editing you'll be able to see how the page will look to visitors.
    • Be sure to save your changes first!
  • The 'Full Editor' link at the very top of every page will take you to a more comprehensive editing interface.
    • Be sure to save any changes first

Watch the Video