Closing Thoughts

So that's a quick run through of current functionality in Serckit. As with all such things the best way to learn how it works is to dive in and start making pages--active learning and all that. As projects dictate (and programming time allows) the functionality of Serckit will grow. Check back here often to see what new features bubble to the surface.

In closing here are answers to a few common questions:

Why does my page look wrong?
While there are many possible causes, a common problem is forgetting to 'close' a tag, or using a tag incorrectly. Every <p> needs a matching </p>, every <b> needs a </b>. Every [context] needs a [end context] get the idea. Often missing closing tags will cause problems with the display in the footer and nav menu. Look through your tags carefully. If you can't find the problem, drop a line (
What about tag 'x'?
If you're familiar with html you may be wondering about all the other html tags that we haven't listed here. We've only enabled this small sub-set in order to keep things simple, secure and broadly accessible. If there's a particular tag you think you can't live without let us know.
How do I get it to look like 'x'?
Clearly the first step is to experiement with the tags listed here. But if that doesn't give the result you want drop a line. However, keep in mind that the answer may be that it's not possible. The web doesn't offer nearly the control that you may be used to in your word processor. And the additional requirement that'd we'd like Serckit to spit out 'good' code that will work for the widest range of users puts some additional limitations on what is possible. In the end your best ally is clear, compelling prose
Good luck.