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How to Fix Unwanted Bolding

published Oct 16, 2008 12:30pm
If you've got a section of text that is bold and you can't seem to unbold it (often this is everything on a page after a certain point) here it what is going on. The core problem is that the (hidden) command to start bolding text actually occurs before the first bold word: in the white space between the proceeding (non-bold) word and the first bold word. So if you select just the bold word (and the bold text after it) and toggle its boldness the result won't 'stick' because the initial bolding command is still lingering out there in the white space just ahead of what you've selected and (tried to) change.

The solution is to select the bold text and the white space in front of it (and perhaps a word or two before that just for good measure). Toggle bolding off on that entire selection and save. Reload the page and the unwanted bolding should be gone.

A more radical approach is to switch into html view in the full editing interface and manually remove the b and strong tags in the effected area.