Initial Publication Date: February 26, 2007

Editing Single Page Submissions

If you've submitted a single page worth of material to a SERC-hosted site through an online form (e.g. a description of a teaching activity) there is a streamlined process for making further edits to your submission.

Depending on the form you have used your submission may be either:

  • queued for review by staff. You will notified when it has been made into a web page which you can edit.
  • Or it will be available for immediate editing

You should see a message clarifying which of these apply to your submission immediately after you submit. Once the submission becomes a page you, as the submitter of the material, may choose to edit the page through a web-based interface at any time.

Create an Account

The first step to gaining access is to create an account for yourself using the same email address you provided in the initial form. You can create an account for yourself here:
Account Creation Page 
If you've already created an account with SERC you can skip this step (obviously).

Visit the My Account Page

The My Account page provides a gateway to all the materials you've submitted. You can get there by choosing the My Account tab if you've already logged in; or by visiting at any time. You should see all the materials you've submitted with options to view the web pages as they currently exist.

Verify your Email Address

The first time you work with one of your submissions the system may walk you through a process to verify that you really are the person whose email address is associated with the submission. As part of this process (which is necessary to ensure random folks don't wander in and modify your material) you'll need to follow a url sent to your email address. You need only go through this process once when you first create your account. In subsequent visits you can simply go to the My Account address above, log in and start editing.

Edit your Submission

Following the link to view your page you'll see a small, red edit link in the upper right hand corner of the page. Clicking this will take you into QuickEdit mode where you can edit your page. This is described in more detail in the video below, the pages that follow; and the documentation available directly within the QuickEdit interface.

When you are Finished make it Publicly Viewable

When working in the editing interface you will be modifying a development version of your page which isn't visible through the public site. The editing interface provides a button where you can request (after you've finished a series of edits and are happy with the result) that the page be made live so that it is visible on the public site. A member of the SERC staff or other party responsible for that area of the site will push the button to make that happen. You may return at any time, make further edits to the development version of the page (the only version you can edit directly) and request they be made live.

If you're responsible for more material than just pages you've submitted through an online form (e.g. you're working with us to develop a new website) you'll need to continue on to learn more about how to access the generic administrative interface which will let you work with collections of pages. Otherwise you should be able to follow the steps above and dive right in.