SAGE 2YC Project Evaluation

The SAGE 2YC: Faculty as Change Agents project set out to build a national network of self-sustaining local communities of 2YC geoscience faculty and administrators who use evidence-based strategies to improve all students' academic success, broaden participation, and facilitate students' professional pathways into the STEM workforce. A synergistic program of research and evaluation that is fully integrated in the project is advancing our knowledge and understanding of the effectiveness of a professional development model for full-time and adjunct geoscience and STEM faculty.

The project goals are to

  1. build a sustainable national network of 2YC leaders (change agents) who catalyze change at multiple levels from their courses to institutions in their local regions and within the community of practice;
  2. implement high-impact evidence-based instructional and co-curricular practices that support the academic success of all students, broaden participation, and promote students' professional pathways into geoscience; and
  3. investigate models of professional development for full-time and adjunct 2YC geoscience faculty that promote the cycle of innovation, where faculty learn from the research of others, make changes in their own practice, and share what they have learned with the education community.

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Theory of Change

The evaluation and research plan uses a theory of change to examine and identify the strongest and most compelling evidence for the program impacts. The diagram to the right shows the theory of change with the two major goal domains of increasing evidence-based practices and building sustainable leadership through professional development (illustrated in the top two boxes). Faculty Change Agents ("CAs," in the figure) engage in what is called "anchoring practices" depicted in the circle showing reflective practice, including mutually strengthening time to "meet, discuss, and plan," "practice," and "reflect." By engaging in reflective practices over and over again during the project, the faculty Change Agents are expected to be able to see their own practice strengthen and improve, including influencing positive student outcomes. Faculty Change Agents may also see the practice of others (i.e., faculty in their department/program and their institution, as well as other geoscience faculty in their geographic region of the country) change, strengthen, and improve.

Also noteworthy is the right side of the theory of change diagram, where we can see a set of circles depicting support structures intentionally planned and implemented in the SAGE 2YC project, including regionally based faculty Change Agent teams; professional development engagement strategies using face-to-face and virtual delivery with other geoscience and science educators (2YC and 4YCU); evidence-based resources including the SAGE 2YC website maintained by SERC; and networking strategies that involve stakeholders associated with the overall project, the colleges involved in the project, and the larger geoscience profession. Taken together, the theory of change presents a vision that moves from individual practice to collective change, impacts on programs, organizations, regions, and professional endeavors.

Using this theory of change, the SAGE 2YC evaluation and research team is gathering and analyzing data to paint a picture of implementation and impact of the project.

Evaluation reports

Publications and presentations

The following list of publications and presentations focuses on the project evaluation and research findings. For a full list of project publications and presentations, see our SAGE 2YC publications page.


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Conference Papers and Presentations


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