2015 InTeGrate Training Workshop

Part of the InTeGrate Stanford University Program Model

December 10-11, 2015
Stanford University

All events will take place in the Huang Building, Room 203.

Thursday, Dec. 10

9:00—9:15 Icebreaker activity

9:15—10:00 Introduction to InTeGrate

10:00—12:00 Engagement through an example: Active learning with data and Earth-related socioscientific issues

12:00—1:00 Lunch

1:00—2:30 From outcomes to assessment: Backward design and alignment of learning goals

2:30—2:45 Break

2:45—3:45 Metacognition: What does it mean and how do I do it?

3:45—4:00 End of day roadcheck

Friday, Dec. 11

Please plan to bring a laptop computer

9:00—9:30 Overview of a module

9:30—10:30 Exploring the InTeGrate modules on your own, quick report out at the end

10:30—10:45 Break

10:45—12:00 Work in small groups focused on a particular module

12:00—1:00 Lunch

1:00—2:00 Pick one unit or piece of a module and prepare to teach it

2:00—3:30 Practice mini-teaching

3:30—4:00 Submit action plans and evaluations

Future webinars

Additional resources

Workshop Conveners

  • Anne Egger, Central Washington University (annegger@geology.cwu.edu)
  • Angelina Bellamy, Stanford University
  • Tenea Nelson, Stanford University