Make Change Happen

This page was developed as a synthesis of lessons learned by participants in InTeGrate program models and is part of an extended set of InTeGrate resources on catalyzing institutional change.

Design to Maximize Impact

The design of a change effort will affect how things roll out. Understanding how a particular problem plays out in your context, the initial change strategy, and establishing a method to make course corrections when necessary are necessary pieces of a successful design.

Support Implementation of Change

Simply setting things in motion will not achieve the outcomes you want for the work. Maintaining lines of communication and developing a community of practice among the people involved in the change effort can help sustain the program through to success.

Sustain Change and Scale Up

Maintaining momentum and institutionalizing changes to continue after an initiating project has run its course is often a challenge. Having a way to continually adjust course in response to data, building capacity among faculty and staff, thinking about how to have a wider impact through scaling up the work can help institutionalize a program to live on.

Connect Earth and Societal Issues

InTeGrate's focus on geoscience in service to societal issues has left its imprint on the work of the Implementation Projects. It has provided motivation, a unifying focus, and a lever to use in moving the needle on institutional change.

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