Wittenberg's Engaged Sustainability Implementation Program

Part of the InTeGrate Wittenberg University Program Model

Saturday, February 20th, 2016
9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.
Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center, Room 212

Workshop Program

Supporting Projects Across the Curriculum to Address Grand Challenges in Sustainability & Public Health

Join us to create class projects that address grand challenges in sustainability & public health. Wittenberg has received three years of funding from the InTeGrate Project to support our implementation program - Engaged Sustainability: from curriculum to community. This effort has already broadened participation in sustainability curriculum at Wittenberg and increased our engagement with faculty at nearby SOCHE schools. At this workshop participants will hear from experts which local issues of water, food, natural resources, and public health issues are most critical to them. Participants will generate class projects that can better inform their students of these challenges and/or work to address challenges using an interdisciplinary approach. Project design will be informed by stakeholder interests, and the Inquiry & Analysis VALUE Rubric modified to include elements from the InTeGrate Rubric (interdisciplinary, authentic data, and reflection). Backward design around these rubrics supports the design of community-based project that equip our students with the skills needed to face grand challenges into the future. Confirmed partners that will offer expertise include: Ben Babian; South Fountain Historic District; Susie Broidy, OSU Extension; Sheryl Cunningham, Wittenberg University's Sustainability Task Force; Anne Kaup-Fett, Clark County Combined Health District; Rachel Sanders, Global Impact STEM Academy; Sky Schelle, City of Springfield, Engineering Division/Stormwater; Steve Schlather, Clark County Waste Management & Citizen's Climate Lobby (not affiliated with each other).

Participants will commit 6 contact hours to implement project support into their Fall course. Please apply for our Saturday, February 20th workshop from 9:00-1:00 (appetizers included) if you are interested in joining in this effort. There is a $1000 stipend for your participation in the workshop and implementation. We welcome participants who have already implemented InTeGrate modules & new participants who are excited to collaborate.

Why you might be interested in participating

  • You are interested in preparing students to proactively address grand challenges
  • You are interested in creating stakeholder-relevant curricular materials using robust rubrics
  • You are interested in building program capacity for sustainability and public health
  • You would like to contribute to our understanding of best practices in authentic interdisciplinary explorations

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