Wittenberg's Engaged Sustainability Implementation Program

Part of the InTeGrate Wittenberg University Program Model

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
12:30- 6:00 PM
Shouvlin Center 203 & 205, Wittenberg University

Workshop Program

Join our Sustainability Curriculum Effort

By the time our undergraduates send their children to college, it is expected that the earth will be home to more than 8 billion people. Our planet is on the brink, with earth resources exhausted faster than they are replaced. We face limited water quality and quantity, finite energy and mineral supplies, loss of habitable land, and an increase in planetary warming and extreme climate events. How do we prepare our students to address these challenges? NSF-funded InTeGrate modules infuse geoscience with other disciplines to address sustainability issues. These modules are interdisciplinary and they feature systems thinking, examining authentic data, and actively engaging students. Now, new efforts are underway to implement modules across diverse institutional settings. As part of this, Wittenberg has received three years of funding from the InTeGrate Project to support our implementation program - Engaged Sustainability: from curriculum to community. Our effort aims to broaden participation in sustainability curriculum. We seek participation across general education courses & with partner schools. Participants will commit 6 contact hours to implement InTeGrate modules in their course and develop a sustainability course learning goal. Through this, we will create enduring sustainability curriculum. Please apply for our Wednesday, May 27th, workshop from 12:30- 6:00 (dinner included) if you are interested in joining in this effort. There is a $1000 stipend for your participation in the workshop and implementation.

Why you might be interested in participating

  • You are interested in preparing students to proactively address challenges that threaten sustainability
  • You desire to be part of a broader sustainability education community
  • You are interested in implementing high impact teaching strategies that have undergone review
  • You seek models for curricular transformation (e.g. course revision, program growth, resource sharing)

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