Workshop Program

May 27, 2015

*All workshop activities will take place at Wittenberg University's Shouvlin Center Rooms 203 and 205

Implementation Program Workshop Slides (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 14.5MB May27 15)

12:40 PM-1:00 PM Welcome & Introduction to InTeGrate Project & Goals

1:00 PM-1:30 PM Small Group Introductions, Shared Goals Handout (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 18kB May26 15)

1:30-2:30 The InTeGrate Materials Development & Refinement Rubric

2:30-2:45 Break

2:45-3:45 Sustainability Learning Goal Development, Sustainability Learning Goal Worksheet (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 30kB May27 15)

3:45-4:45 Course Fit Examples from Spring 2015 Pilot & Small Group Discussions of Anticipated Fit Issues

4:45-5:15 Reporting Instruments

5:15-6:00 Course Details & Implementation Timeline (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 15kB May26 15)

Workshop Summary: This workshop was attended by 11 participants & 4 leaders & 2 additional participants completed the activities remotely (schedule conflicts). Small groups were primarily by module implemented, but several participants noted that they needed more time to weigh differences between 2 modules that interested them. Early in the workshop participants worked in small groups to identify what they would like to see arise from this effort. The most frequent response was 1) to increase connections & interdisciplinary content and 2) to identify shared resources to leverage (projects, guest speakers, opportunities). Other answers include topical relevance, student empowerment, and desire to contribute to this effort that has already resulted in conversations on ways to best do this & to support others who decide to.

Workshop Resources:

InTeGrate Webinars on Systems Thinking, Metacognition, Learning Goals

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