Improving Teaching and Learning

Part of the InTeGrate Washington State Colleges and Universities Program Model

Impact on Teaching and Learning

Best practices shared across institutions supports a community of practice

We were not asking faculty to make changes to their courses directly, but courses are a significant component of teacher preparation programs. Individuals shared some of the best practices they engage in, promoting wider implementation across the state.

Although it is difficult to measure the impact of the sharing of best practices, the communication supports the development of a community of practice, who are engaged in similar activities in similar settings and can call on each other as needed.

Supporting Faculty Change

The people involved in this program were eager to see change happen on their campuses, yet they represented a small subset of the faculty involved in their teacher preparation programs. We were asking them to serve as representatives for their institution and/or discipline by bringing their specific institutional strengths and weaknesses to the group and by sharing back with their institutions the results of our work.