Assessment Team Agenda

June 14-June 16, 2015

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Meeting Goals

  • Provide material developers feedback on their assessments and student work that would help them in revising course materials. Grading Feedback (private workspace)
  • Analyze reviews of assessments and student work to determine the degree to which we can document student progress toward meeting module/InTeGrate goals/guiding principles. Determine plan and process for using our scoring rubric to document project assessment.
  • Analyze systems thinking essay data to determine suitability of questions.
  • From a team discussion, identify what types of data we have, determine what types of questions the data can help us address, and where (journals?) is appropriate vehicle for disseminating
  • Identify the work plans for 2015-2016, who is assigned, and who we would like to add to the team

Sunday, June 14

Arrive in Northfield in the afternoon

*All workshop activities will take place at the Carleton College Weitz Center for Creativity, Larson Room 236 and adjacent areas. Assessment team will be in Weitz 231 for the entire meeting.

4:00 PM Worktime for module authors' assessments

  • Scored modules compare scores
  • Scores modules write summary to give to team
  • Score remaining modules
  • Compare scores and write summaries

5:00 PM Welcome/social time with appetizers and cash-only bar

6:00 PM Dinner

7:30 PM Introduction to the assessment team agenda items - Ellen

  • Assignment for two new teams: Latitudes of Urban Climate Vulnerability Course
    Disaster and Disease: Tropical Cyclones as a Tool to Investigate Epidemiology Module
  • Systems thinking essay question analysis
  • Project-level assessment using the scoring rubric
  • Publications and data interrogation
Worktime to continue on module authors' assessments

Monday, June 15

8.30 AM Overview of the day and checklist for the workshop

8:45 AM Plenary: Assessment Team Feedback Procedures - Stuart and Ellen

  • Description of rubric used
  • What developers can expect

9:15 AM Break

9:30 AM Assessment Consultants meet with teams

  • Provide assessment results for individual modules - summary of conclusions drawn from assessment data
  • Discuss mapping of assessment data onto learning goals

11:00 AM Introduction to work on systems thinking essay questions - Ellen

  • Systems thinking essay questions

12:00 PM Lunch Weitz Center Common Area (1st Floor)

1:00 PM Introduction to project-level assessment using our scoring rubric - Ellen

2:45 PM Report-outs from the two working groups

3:30 PM Data interrogation - Megan

4:00 PM Next steps with working groups

5:00 PM Roadcheck

6:00 PM Dinner on the town (see restaurant selection handout in folder)

Tuesday, June 16

*Check out of hotel if leaving and bring your luggage to the Weitz Center —shuttles to the airport will leave from Weitz Center (see shuttle schedule in folder)

Courtesy breakfast - Country Inn of Northfield

8:30 AM Plenary: Evaluation results overview (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 4.2MB Jun16 15) - Vali Mara -

9:00 AM Project-level assessment using our scoring rubric discussion - facilitated by Ellen and Cathy

10:00 AM Work plans going forward while Stuart is present


  • Project-level assessment:
  • Systems thinking essays
  • Interdisciplinary essays
  • Dissemination of results (papers, meeting abstracts)
  • Course-level measures (only have Greens)
  • Existing module support
  • Future meeting
  • 2015 data analysis documents

12:00 PM Box lunches with teams

1:00 PM - Worktime

  • Review your module team's revision plan as it becomes available
  • Continue work on plans from 10 AM session

5:00 PM End of Meeting Evaluation