Initial Publication Date: June 9, 2015

Assessment Team Agenda

June 14-June 16, 2015

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Meeting Goals

  • Provide material developers feedback on their assessments and student work that would help them in revising course materials. Grading Feedback (private workspace)
  • Analyze reviews of assessments and student work to determine the degree to which we can document student progress toward meeting module/InTeGrate goals/guiding principles. Determine plan and process for using our scoring rubric to document project assessment.
  • Analyze systems thinking essay data to determine suitability of questions.
  • From a team discussion, identify what types of data we have, determine what types of questions the data can help us address, and where (journals?) is appropriate vehicle for disseminating
  • Identify the work plans for 2015-2016, who is assigned, and who we would like to add to the team

Sunday, June 14

Arrive in Northfield in the afternoon

*All workshop activities will take place at the Carleton College Weitz Center for Creativity , Larson Room 236 and adjacent areas. Assessment team will be in Weitz 231 for the entire meeting.

4:00 PM Worktime for module authors' assessments

  • Scored modules compare scores
  • Scores modules write summary to give to team
  • Score remaining modules
  • Compare scores and write summaries

5:00 PM Welcome/social time with appetizers and cash-only bar

6:00 PM Dinner

7:30 PM Introduction to the assessment team agenda items - Ellen

  • Assignment for two new teams: Latitudes of Urban Climate Vulnerability Course
    Disaster and Disease: Tropical Cyclones as a Tool to Investigate Epidemiology Module
  • Systems thinking essay question analysis
  • Project-level assessment using the scoring rubric
  • Publications and data interrogation
Worktime to continue on module authors' assessments

Monday, June 15

8.30 AM Overview of the day and checklist for the workshop

8:45 AM Plenary: Assessment Team Feedback Procedures - Stuart and Ellen

  • Description of rubric used
  • What developers can expect

9:15 AM Break

9:30 AM Assessment Consultants meet with teams

  • Provide assessment results for individual modules - summary of conclusions drawn from assessment data
  • Discuss mapping of assessment data onto learning goals

11:00 AM Introduction to work on systems thinking essay questions - Ellen

  • Systems thinking essay questions

12:00 PM Lunch Weitz Center Common Area (1st Floor)

1:00 PM Introduction to project-level assessment using our scoring rubric - Ellen

2:45 PM Report-outs from the two working groups

3:30 PM Data interrogation - Megan

4:00 PM Next steps with working groups

5:00 PM Roadcheck

6:00 PM Dinner on the town (see restaurant selection handout in folder)

Tuesday, June 16

*Check out of hotel if leaving and bring your luggage to the Weitz Center —shuttles to the airport will leave from Weitz Center (see shuttle schedule in folder)

Courtesy breakfast - Country Inn of Northfield

8:30 AM Plenary: Evaluation results overview (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) PRIVATE FILE 4.2MB Jun16 15) - Vali Mara -

9:00 AM Project-level assessment using our scoring rubric discussion - facilitated by Ellen and Cathy

10:00 AM Work plans going forward while Stuart is present


  • Project-level assessment:
  • Systems thinking essays
  • Interdisciplinary essays
  • Dissemination of results (papers, meeting abstracts)
  • Course-level measures (only have Greens)
  • Existing module support
  • Future meeting
  • 2015 data analysis documents

12:00 PM Box lunches with teams

1:00 PM - Worktime

  • Review your module team's revision plan as it becomes available
  • Continue work on plans from 10 AM session

5:00 PM End of Meeting Evaluation