Participant List

InTeGrate June Module Team Meetings
June 14-16, 2015
Carleton College

Team Leaders

Tim Bralower, Pennsylvania State University
Anne Egger, Central Washington University
David Gosselin, University of Lincoln, Nebraska (attending virtually)
LeeAnn Chapman, North Carolina State University (David McConnell will be with research team meeting)
John Taber, IRIS (attending virtually)

Course & Module Authors/Teams

Coast Processes, Hazards and Society (Tim Bralower)

  • Mark Kulp, University of New Orleans
  • Diane Maygarden, University of New Orleans (unable to attend)
  • Sean Cornell, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
  • Ioannis Georgiou, University of New Orleans
  • Brent Yarnal, Pennsylvania State University

Water Science and Society (Tim Bralower)

  • Demian Saffer, The Pennsylvania State University (unable to attend)
  • Michael Arthur, The Pennsylvania State University (unable to attend)
  • Patrick Belmont, Utah State University (unable to attend)

Gateway to Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability (David Gosselin)

  • Benjamin Cuker, Hampton University (unable to attend)
  • Maurice K. Crawford, Elizabeth City State University
  • Randolph M. Chambers, College of William and Mary

Soils and Society (Anne Egger)

  • Kathryn Baldwin, Eastern Washington University
  • Jennifer Dechaine, Central Washington University
  • Rodger Hauge, Eastern Washington University (unable to attend)
  • Gary Varrella, Washington State University

Mapping with Sensory Perception (Anne Egger)

  • Kate Darby, Allegheny College
  • Lisa Phillips, Illinois State University
  • Michael Phillips, Illinois Valley Community College

Climate Fact vs. Climate Fiction (Anne Egger)

  • Jennifer Hanselman, Westfield State University
  • Rick Oches, Bentley University
  • Jennifer Silko, Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg
  • Laura Wright, Western Carolina University

Water Sustainability in Cities (John Taber)

  • Steve Burian, University of Utah (unable to attend)
  • Manoj Jha, North Carolina A&T University (unable to attend)
  • Gigi Richard, Colorado Mesa University
  • Marshall Shepherd, University of Georgia (unable to attend)
Carbon, Climate and Energy Sources (David McConnell)
  • Callan Bentley, Northern Virginia Community College
  • Pete Berquist, Thomas Nelson Community College
  • Pamela J.W. Gore, Georgia Perimeter College

Environmental Justice and Freshwater Resources (adaptation for Spanish)

  • Ruth Hoff, Wittenberg University

Latitudes of Urban Climate Vulnerability (David Gosselin)

  • Pamela Bingham, Bingham Consulting Services
  • Linda Loubert, Morgan State University
  • David Padgett, Tennessee State University
  • Richard Schulterbrandt Gragg III, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
  • Juliana Wilhoit, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (unable to attend)
  • Donele Wilkins, The Green Door Initiative
  • Jenise Young, Texas Southern University

Disaster and Disease: Tropical Cyclones as a Tool to Investigate Epidemiology (John Taber)

  • David Kobilka, Central Lakes College
  • Tiffany Rivera, Westminster College
  • Angel Rodriguez, Broward College

Assessment Team

Leilani Arthurs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (unable to attend)
Aida Awad, Maine East High School / Oakton College
Barbara Bekken, Virginia Tech
Stuart Birnbaum, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Joshua Caulkins, University of Rhode Island
Vali Mara, Center for International Earth Science Information Network- Columbia University
Megan Plenge, Trinity University
Mary Savina, Carleton College (unable to attend)
David Steer, The University of Akron
Susan Sullivan, University of Colorado / CIRES
Karen Viskupic, Boise State University
Emily Geraghty Ward, Rocky Mountain College (unable to attend)

Graduate Student Assistants
Michael Pelch, North Carolina State University
LeeAnna Chapman, North Carolina State University


Cathy Manduca, Lead PI
Ellen Iverson, Evaluation Director
Sean Fox, Technical Director
Monica Bruckner, Webteam Consultant
Krista Herbstrith, Marketing/Communications Coordinator
Kristin O'Connell, Webteam Consultant