Workshop Program

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Monday June 9 - Optional Field Trip

9 am-4 pm Bozeman area field tour - A one-day pre-meeting hike in the mountains surrounding Bozeman MT. For examples, see our Trail Guides (Weather and access permitting). In case of bad weather, we'll take a road trip through the scenic landscape of SW Montana. Anyone planning to join this trip should meet at the Grantree Inn at 9 AM. We'll drive to the hike area (probably Hyalite Lake--in the Eocene Absaroka Volcanics, waterfalls, wildflowers....). Plan for variable weather: bring layers of clothes, a rain/wind jacket, day pack, water bottle, sunglasses, hat, good hiking shoes--the trails may be a bit sloppy with snow and melt water). We'll provide lunch, trail snacks and drinks (and sun screen, hammers). We'll be back in town late afternoon. Dinner is on your own around town.

Tuesday June 10

8am - 4pm Transportation from Bozeman airport to Chico hot springs - Vans will depart a) Grantree Inn in the late morning for those who arrive a day early; b) from the airport--we'll have 2 or 3 vans to transport arrivals on Tuesday directly to Chico when the vans fill. For those driving their own cars (or renting) enjoy the drive to Chico. Take I-90 to Livingston (~35 miles east of the airport or ~120 miles west of Billings). Head south on Highway 89 towards Yellowstone. At the town of Emigrant (~25 miles) turn east and follow the signs to Chico.

When you get to Chico, check out the surroundings, go to the hot spring and "network"!

5:30-6:30pm Welcome, Introductions, and Icebreaker

6:30-7:30pm Dinner

7:30pm Keynote: The Foundations of Geoethics (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 2.2MB Jun24 14) - Silvia Peppoloni, Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia; IAPG-International Association for Promoting Geoethics
(listen to the presentation (MP3 Audio 28.6MB Jun10 14))

Wednesday, June 11

Theme: WHAT is the scope of Geoethics and how does this impact personal and professional values?

7-8:15am Breakfast (meal tickets, main Chico Dining Room)

8:15-8:30am Overview of the day

8:30-9:30am Ethics and Profession: A look at professional societies' codes of ethics

9:30-10:00 Invited Speaker: John F. Childs, Childs Geoscience, Inc.: Our Sense of the Ethical Environment (Acrobat (PDF) 2.4MB Jun17 14)

10-10:15am Break

10:15-11:45am Case Studies II: Introduction to Case Studies Related to Personal and Professional Ethics; followed by small group discussions (~15 minute presentation, 15 minute round table discussion each):

11:45am-12pm Report out from small groups - each group shares key ideas learned from these activities, "best practices," common themes or approaches.

12-1pm Lunch - main Chico Dining Room

Theme: HOW do we teach Geoethics? Strategies and Best Practices

1-2pm Panel I: Resources Available for Teaching GeoEthics (15 minutes each followed by discussion)

2-3pm Panel II: Lessons Learned About Teaching Ethics from Other Disciplines (15 minutes each followed by discussion)

3pm-3:15pm Break

3:15-4:15 Teaching/Learning GeoEthics: Instructional Practices (Case Studies III, ~20 minutes each)

4:15-5:15 Small Group Discussion and Report Out: Geoethics in the Geoscience Curriculum (round table, 5 - 7 participants):

Where and how can GeoEthics be taught in the Geoscience Curriculum? (Identify opportunities; motivations for faculty and students; need for a more complete pre-professional training of students...). What are the key topics in ethics that every student, every geoscience student should be exposed to? What are the "best practices" in teaching GeoEthics? Where can/should GeoEthics be taught in the curriculum?

Participant Workspace (see first set of breakout group pages)

5:15-5:30pm Reflection and Daily Roadcheck

Reflection (report out to whole group): What was the "Big Idea" from today's presentations that you found a) most important, b) most surprising, or c) most in need of continued development?

Roadcheck: Online, please complete before dinner.

6:30-7:30pm Dinner

Evening: "Journey of the Universe " video and discussion led by Sue Kieffer; see related Curricular Materials

Thursday, June 12

Ethics and Society and Ethics and Environment

7-8:15am Breakfast (meal tickets, main Chico Dining Room)

8:15-8:30am Overview of the day

8:30-10am Ethics and Society Case Studies (IV)

10-10:15am Break

10:15-11:45 Ethics and the Environment Case Studies (V)

11:45-12:00 Morning Reflections

What are our responsibilities as geoscientists a) in service to society, b) in stewardship of the planet? How can we best convey these responsibilities to students in formal and informal instruction?

12-1pm Lunch - main Chico Dining Room

1-2pm Panel III: GeoEthics Around the World

Brief reports on ways that GeoEthics is being taught in other countries:

2-3:30pm Writing Groups (this is the "work" part of this workshop)

Participants work in small groups to discuss ideas for modules and courses related to incorporating Geoethics into the classroom.

3:30-3:45pm Break

3:45-4:45 Writing Group, cont'd

4:45-5:30 Small group discussion and report-out : Assessment:

How do we assess mastery of ethical concepts? Alignment of learning goals with assessment. Small groups brainstorm assessment strategies. Report out to group.

Participant Workspace (see set of "assessment" workgroup pages)

5:30 Daily Reflection, and wrap-up: Key lessons of the day; topics that still need to be addressed.....

6:30-7:30pm Dinner

After dinner: "Overflow Session" for presentation of additional case studies, OR Writing Groups continue to meet informally if needed; networking....

Friday, June 13

Theme of the Day: Putting GeoEthics into Common Practice

Check out by 11

7-8:15am Breakfast (meal tickets, main Chico Dining Room)

8:15-8:30am Overview of the day

8:30-10:00 Writing Group Report Outs

10:00-10:30 Town Hall

  • Plans for future development
  • AGU session, Fall 2014
  • Find IAPG representative to found U.S. section
  • Recruitment of more colleagues.....
  • End of Workshop Evaluation

10:30 Departures

Vans will leave for Bozeman airport in time to make 1:30 PM flights; Field trip to Yellowstone will depart; Bag lunches will be provided for all.

Friday pm - Saturday, June 14 - Optional Field Trip

Friday pm-Saturday pm Optional Field Trip - Yellowstone National Park tour - A post-meeting tour through Yellowstone National Park. The plan is to leave Chico before noon on Friday June 13 and travel through Yellowstone to either the Canyon or Lake areas visiting Mammoth Hot Springs, Lamar Valley and Mt. Washburn en route. On Saturday, we'll finish the "Grand Loop" via Old Faithful, Midway Geyser Basin, Norris Hot Springs and other sites, returning to Bozeman that evening.