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Professional Societies Mission Statements and Codes of Ethics

Codes of ethics of professional societies serve many functions: they may be aspirational, educational, or regulatory (with prescribed consequences). Take a look through this list of Code of Ethics of many geoscience professional societies to see the breadth of topics covered by these documents.

American Association of Geographers
History & Mission | Statement of Professional Ethics

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Code of Ethics

American Geophysical Union
Mission and Core Principles | Report of the Task Force on Scientific Ethics : Review and Update of AGU Policies on Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics (Draft; 2012); see also their webpage on Ethics

American Geosciences Institute
Code of Ethics

American Institute of Professional Geologists
Mission Statement | Code of Ethics

American Meteorological Society
Constitution and Bylaws (see Article XII)

American Water Resources Association
Mission and Objectives

Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
Guiding Principles | Code of Ethics

Ecological Society of America
Mission | Code of Ethics

European Federation of Geologists
Mission | Code of Ethics

European Geosciences Union
Best Practices | By-laws

Geological Society of America
Code of Conduct | Ethical Guidelines for Publication

Geological Society of London
Code of Publishing Ethics | Codes of Conduct

Geoscientists Canada
Objectives | Alberta Code of Ethics | British Columbia Code of Ethics | Manitoba Code of Ethics for Professional Engineering and Professional Geoscience | New Brunswick Code of Ethics (see document p 24/p 26 of PDF) | New Foundland and Labrador | Nova Scotia Code of Ethics

Mineralogical Society of America
Journal's Mission | Ethics follow 'GSA's Ethical Guidelines for Publication'

National Association of State Boards of Geology (USA)
Mission | Code of Ethics

National Society of Professional Engineers
Mission and Vision | Code of Ethics

Society for Conservation Biology
Mission and Values | Code of Ethics

Compilation of Codes of Ethics from Across the STEM Disciplines

See a comprehensive list from The Center for Study of Ethics in the Professions Illinois Institute of Technology.