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Session2 graph (Microsoft Word 185kB Apr8 08)


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1. What does your graph show? Please briefly describe it.
The correlation of stream flow to precipitation in January 2000 is complex
2. What factors influence the way the Sudbury River responds to precipitation?
There is more flow after there has been a lot of rain and it can take several days to go back to average flow.
3. In what ways can you imagine incorporating Excel techniques and/or streamflow/precipitation data into your teaching? For example, are there other numerical datasets you are thinking about using with with Excel?
I have started to use excel with my sixth graders to track the electricity use at our school. I would like to "polish" this lesson
4. What lingering questions (if any) do you have from today's workshop?
I loved the way we imported the data rather than entering it by hand/ I am anxious to become more skilled at this

Last, attach the screenshot of your graph to your posting.


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screenshot2 session2 (Microsoft Word 203kB Apr8 08)


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