Water Availability

Colleen Buzby, Curriculum Developer, Northwestern University, c-buzby@northwestern.edu
David Smith, University of Redlands, David_Smith@redlands.edu
Matthew Rossi, Graduate Student, Arizona State University
Aida Awad, Science Department Chair, Maine East High School
Liz Goehring, Ridge 2000 Education Outreach Coordinator, Pennsylvania State University
Mike Leon, Tech Lead, GLOBE Program Office
Lao Shen, Data Server Manager, University of Hawaii

Published: May 2010. Last Updated: June 2011.


This chapter studies the relationship between precipitation, evaporation, and surface runoff data, collected and aggregated by the North American Regional Reanalysis project. Using FieldScope, an online GIS created at the National Geographic Society, you will explore data layers, create a map table for comparison, and analyze geographic patterns.

This chapter is part of the Earth Exploration Toolbook. Each chapter provides teachers and/or students with direct practice for using scientific tools to analyze Earth science data. Students should begin on the Case Study page.

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