Welcome to the DataTools Program!

We held our first introductory orientation on Saturday March, 15. For those of you who could not make it to the meeting, or for those of you who are joining us now, we will be holding another orientation in the afternoon on Saturday, April 5. We'll post more details soon!

---The DataTools Team

Saturday April 5 Orientation Meeting Location: Fairhaven, MA

We will meet at the offices of UMass Dartmouth's Professional and Continuing Education Division, which is in Fairhaven, MA, and not far from the point where Rt. 240 leaves I-195. The address is 200 Mill Road, Fairhaven.

Directions from Rt. 195 (North Fairhaven, MA):

Leave I-195 at Exit 18.
Drive south on Rt. 240 for less than 1 mile.
Turn left off Rt. 240 at the first traffic light (Bridge Street)
Turn left off Bridge Street at the first traffic light (Mill Road)
Take the first left off Mill Road into a large parking lot.
Follow the driveway straight back towards the back of the parking lot.
Park near the gazebo and enter the building via the main doors closest to the gazebo.
DataTools signs will direct you to the meeting room on the second floor.

Participants in the Saturday, April 5 Orientation

Scot Boudria, Otter Brown, Celeste Cruse, Patricia Davis, Suzanne Elliot, Jennifer Ennis,
Anita Finn, Kristina Karl, Anne Marie Levesque, Timothee Maynard, Robert McCabe,
Julie McDaniel, Stacey Militello, James Morse, David Novick, Ann Nunes,
Marjorie Porter, Krys Puljanowski, Alan Scharman, Kathy Spicer, Steven Wood

Getting Started with DataTools

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DataTools Program Goals

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