Telecon 4: Investigating Earthquakes with AEJEE GIS, session 2

Fourth Teleconference Online Workshop Using Excel and AEJEE

You can particpate in our fourth Teleconference Online Workshop on either Tuesday, May 13 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM or on Saturday, May 17, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Please make arrangements to be at a relatively quiet telephone connection with access to an Internet connection at the same time.

Getting Ready for the Workshop

  1. To get to the EET chapter, Investigating Earthquakes with ArcExplorer GIS, go to the
    Title Page
  2. To prepare for the workshop, make sure you can open the project file you saved last week.
  3. Last week we download the cleaned up datafiles at the bottom of Steps 7 and 8 of Part 1. Locate these files or redownload them.
    Part 1
  4. Optional: Go back to Part 1 and download an earhtquake dataset of interest to you, cleaning it up and brining it into AEJEE.
  5. Once again, make sure your browser can support the Eluminate Web-conferencing software.
    Elluminate Configuration Check
  6. Last, we have found that school firewalls can sometimes prevent participants from accessing Elluminate. To test your ability to connect to an Elluminate Classroom, click the link below. You can ignore the instructions for configuring your audio. We will be using the telephone, rather than Elluminate to talk to each other.
    Elluminate Test Classroom