Writing to Support the Theory of Plate Tectonics

Sabina F. Thomas, Baldwin-Wallace College. sfthomas at bw.edu
William A. Prothero, prothero at geol.ucsb.edu

Published: September 2008. Updated: April 2011


Image A

In this activity, using images that depict earthquakes, seafloor ages, topography, and volcanoes, you will make a scientific argument that supports the Theory of Plate Tectonics. You will explore an area that contains a plate tectonic boundary and craft a paper using scientific-discourse categories. The introductory activity uses images captured from the Learning With Data CD-ROM.

This chapter is part of the Earth Exploration Toolbook. Each chapter provides teachers and/or students with direct practice for using scientific tools to analyze Earth science data. Students should begin on the Case Study page.

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