Online 3: Sharing Your Second DataTools Investigation Plan

Welcome to another asynchronous Web-based collaboration of the DataTools program. This event will extend from Thursday, January 15 through Sunday evening, January 25. The focus of this event is on sharing your plan for your second DataTools Investigation. (If you are posting your first plan, put it here in Online 3.)

Between Thursday, January 15 and Wednesday evening, January 21, please complete Part 1 (planning section) of the Investigation Template. Right-click on a PC or control-click on a MAC to download the DataTools Investigation Template (Microsoft Word 43kB Sep10 08). When you name your plan, please include your initials in the file name. Remember to include enough detail so a colleague can understand and possibly replicate your investigation.

Upload a copy of your Investigation Template to the discussion area but save the partially completed template in a place you can find it so you can make revisions to it as you implement and complete Part 2 of the template during our final event in March.

Between Thursday, January 22 and Sunday evening January 25, please review the plans of your colleagues and make comments if you have suggestions or questions, or feel inspired to try a colleague's investigation in your own classroom.

Click here to access the discussion area and post your plans.

Additional Notes:
  • We'd like all of you to graduate from the DataTools Program and receive your credits and stipends on March 21, 2009, but if you need a little extra time to complete your classroom investigations or to post the templates, we'll keep working with you.
  • Please ask for technical help as you may need it, from your colleagues or from the DataTools program staff. We are always available to help.
  • The patterns of sharing with your colleagues that you establish now can certainly extend beyond March 21, the date of our final meeting.