Exploring Characteristics of Wetlands

Robert R. Downs
Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), Columbia University

Published: October, 2004. Last Updated: August, 2011.


The Ramsar Wetlands Data Gateway is a database containing information on protected international wetlands. In this chapter, you will take on the role of a member of an environmental club and will search the database to find a wetland that you would be interested in helping to protect.

Using the database search capabilities, you will first select various wetland characteristics and generate a report on the sites that meet your search criteria. Next, you will access an interactive map to view the locations and nearby features of the identified wetland sites. You will then narrow the choices down to a single wetland that you would like to protect and gather further information about it. Finally, as a member of the club, you will prepare a brief report to persuade others of the value of protecting your chosen site.

This chapter is part of the Earth Exploration Toolbook. Each chapter provides teachers and/or students with direct practice for using scientific tools to analyze Earth science data. Students should begin on the Case Study page.

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