Exploring and Animating GOES Images

Nick Haddad, TERC, Nick_Haddad@terc.edu

Published: December 2006. Last Updated: August 2011.


GOES Infrared Satellite Image of Hurricane Irene, centered over the Bahamas, August 25, 2011. Red and yellow colors indicate high altitude, cold cloud tops. Click image for larger view. Source: NASA GOES.

This chapter guides you through the process of locating Geostationary Satellite Server (GOES) images on the Web, exploring those images, and using the freely available software ImageJ to create animations of storm and cloud movement. Using these animations, you will learn to calculate the speed and direction of clouds and storms. The image on the right, showing Hurricane Irene, centered over the Bahamas, was composed from data collected by a GOES satellite. This chapter can be used to supplement a study of hurricanes, weather, or a study of the water cycle.

This chapter is part of the Earth Exploration Toolbook. Each chapter provides teachers and/or students with direct practice for using scientific tools to analyze Earth science data. Students should begin on the Case Study page.

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