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Kristina's ScreenShot  

This is my StreamFlow Graph, enjoy



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1. What does your graph show? Please briefly describe it.

This graph allows up to see how the streamflow of a river is related to the amount of precipitation.
2. What factors influence the way the Sudbury River responds to precipitation?

The factors that affect the way the Sudbury River responds to precipitation include intensity and duration of rain and the air temperature. Additionally, the type of soil, amount of vegetation on the ground, and the permeability of the substrate/surface.
3. In what ways can you imagine incorporating Excel techniques and/or streamflow/precipitation data into your teaching? For example, are there other numerical datasets you are thinking about using with with Excel?

In my science class, the students use Excel to analyze their lab report data.
4. What lingering questions (if any) do you have from today's workshop?



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