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Jess's screenshot and question answers  

1. What does your graph show? Please briefly describe it.
This graph shows how precipitation and stream flow are related and how one affected the other. It is for the year 2000.
2. What factors influence the way the Sudbury River responds to precipitation?
The month of the year. There is wildlife in the area and this will affect the amount of water that reaches the river after rainfall.
3. In what ways can you imagine incorporating Excel techniques and/or streamflow/precipitation data into your teaching? For example, are there other numerical datasets you are thinking about using with with Excel?
I can imagine doing this with students in my environmental science class with looking at rainfall in certain areas and where droughts happen. I wonder if I could use this for looking at temperatures in an area.
4. What lingering questions (if any) do you have from today's workshop? Nope, today's workshop went well and I understand how to do it all.


_1207690547.doc (Microsoft Word 104kB Apr8 08)


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