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Graph screenshot (Microsoft Word 109kB Apr8 08)


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1. What does your graph show? Please briefly describe it.
My graph shows the relationship between precipitation and streamflow at the Sudbury River.

2. What factors influence the way the Sudbury River responds to precipitation? The factors that influence the river's response change with the seasons I believe. The amount of groundwater the trees absorb changes depending on the amount of leaves and other plant life. I'm sure that the amount of sunlight or heat can make a difference as well. And I'm sure there are factors I haven't even considered. :)

3. In what ways can you imagine incorporating Excel techniques and/or streamflow/precipitation data into your teaching? For example, are there other numerical datasets you are thinking about using with with Excel?
I really don't know what is available, I believe that suggestions would really help me here.

4. What lingering questions (if any) do you have from today's workshop?
I would just like some great suggestions for data that is avaiable so I could look it over and see what I may be able to use in my classroom.


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