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Chris' Sudbury River shot  

1. What does your graph show? Please briefly describe it.
My screen shot shows the relationship between stream flow and precipitation in the Sudbury River.

2. What factors influence the way the Sudbury River responds to precipitation? Factors that influence the way the Sudbury River responds to precipitation may include time of year, amount of vegetation and time in growth cycle, groundwater levels, sediments in river amongst many other things.

3. In what ways can you imagine incorporating Excel techniques and/or streamflow/precipitation data into your teaching? I'm not sure how I would incorporate this into my teaching as I teach physical science. Actually, the Excel would be useful for speed and accleration lessons.

4. What lingering questions (if any) do you have from today's workshop? Just some ideas of how best to use this in my classroom.


Chris' screen shot (Microsoft Word 79kB May4 08)


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