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Andrea's Sudbury River Shot  

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1)My graphs show the correlation between the streamflow and precipitation over the course of one year. They also show the discrepency between the two. While one may think the amount of rainfall (precipitation)increases the streamflow of a river there are many other factors that influence the streamflow rate. The season, the amount of vegetation in the area at the time, or even the temperature of the ground and/or the type of precipitation. By looking closely at the inches ofrainfall and the cubic ft. per second in the streamflow, we can determine what factors may influence the streamflow of a river and the surrounding area. * I have posted 2 screen shots. One for class purposes, since I am teaching at a grade 5 level I thought my students could analyze a smaller section, a ten day period versus a year's worth of data so they can grasp the concepts.
2) Many factors influence the Sudbury River's flow and its response to precipitation: vegetation, season, ground cover, temperature, drought conditions, etc.
3)I would like students to look at the Taunton river because it directly influences many of their lives and then open it up to students who may know of other rivers that tend to be influenced by rainfall. I would also like to look at ground cover, and seasonal changes.
4) I am very interested in this application of data into Excel files. I have never really used Excel to its full capacity and feel better about navigating through it. My question is, Can I use other typed documents and place them in graphs more easily than how I do it now? What other forms of data can I use in an Excel file?


Sudbury River (Microsoft Word 81kB Apr13 08)


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sudbury (modified for grade 5) (Microsoft Word 75kB Apr13 08)


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