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Marie's PrecipitationStreamflow Graph  



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1. Precipitation amount does not always correlate with streamflow discharge as the graph indicates in the latter part of February and beginning of March. The streamflow is much greater than the precipitation amount. This is also apparent in April. Streamflow is substantially less than the amount of precipitation in early June.

2. Several factors influencing the discrepancy between precipitation and streamflow of the Sudbury River may include winter snow cover and freezing temperatures. Increased growth of vegetation in June results in greater water uptake by plants, therefore, decreasing streamflow. Variables may also include precipitation amounts, duration of precipitation, type of the streambed and slope, and the fact that the river's watershed is relatively small, possibly limiting drainage.

3. Using this lesson with grades seven and eight students may be possible with previously downloaded data. It would be interesting to find data regarding local rivers and watersheds as well.


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