Participant Checklist

In order to help you get the most out of the Teaching Quantitative Reasoning with Data, we ask that you do several things in advance. Here is a list of the preparatory activities and their deadlines.

By April 30th, 2019:


  • Please make your travel plans and complete the Travel Information Form so that you can attend the opening workshop session at 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 11. Flights to MSP should arrive before 3:30 pm. Please do not schedule your return flight before 3:30 pm on June 13 to allow for finishing the workshop and transport to the airport. For information on travel, lodging, ground transportation, and meals, see the logistics page and the information below.
  • Double occupancy room reservations will be made for all registered participants at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Northfield , arriving on Tuesday, June 11 and departing Thursday, June 13. Reservations will be based on information submitted on your Travel Information Form due April 30th; please do not make your own reservations. Please indicate if you have a roommate preference on your Travel Information Form; otherwise one will be assigned to you.

    Single occupancy rooms are available, with the understanding that you will be responsible for the additional cost of $61 per night. Indicate your preference and pay for a single occupancy room by filling out the Single Occupancy Form. If you need other arrangements please contact Caroline at 507-222-4545 or include information in your travel submission form.

Registration and Pre-workshop materials

  • Register for the workshop. Note: all accepted applicants need to register and the registration form is not the same form as the application form that you have already filled out
  • Submit an essay(no longer than two pages) as part of registration on the challenges, circumstances, program elements that contribute towards impeding student learning about quantitative reasoning and teaching with data in the classroom. What strategies have you found successful?
  • Submit either a teaching activity orsyllabus as part of registration. A template will be provided for participants to enter the essential information about a teaching activity or syllabus they use to teach quantitative reasoning or teaching using data. These items will be made into a public collection and used at the workshop.

These submissions will be used to select workshop panelists, they will be posted on the workshop website, and they will be part of a web-based collection devoted to teaching quantitative reasoning with data.

Before the workshop

  • Read all of the essays and become familiar with the activities/syllabi submitted by your fellow workshop participants. Essays | Activities | Syllabi
  • Create a SERC account, if you don't already have one. You will need it to access our private (password-protected) participant workspace during the workshop.
  • Bring your laptop. You will be using it throughout the workshop.

After the workshop

If you will be requesting reimbursement for travel costs, follow the instructions to receive your reimbursement. Note: Please submit this form after the workshop and within 45 days of the end of your travel.