Building an LTER-EDDIE Teaching Module and Community

Curriculum development virtual workshop (September 8, 17, and 28) and community building throughout the 2021-2022 academic year

About this [invitation-only] opportunity:

Project EDDIE supports instructors in developing curricular modules and teaching with large publicly-accessible datasets to improve student quantitative reasoning skills in undergraduate courses. This curriculum development and community building opportunity is tailored to participants who collaborate on LTER research. We will guide you in designing and developing an EDDIE-style undergraduate teaching module for your course(s) and for broader use. We are excited to expand the breadth of existing Project EDDIE teaching materials, and are inviting a small group of participants who collaborate on LTER research with interests in desert ecosystems, urban ecosystems, or using ecosystems data to engage for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to design new modules.

The experience begins at a virtual module development workshop where participants will create a teaching module for 1 to 3 course periods that utilizes LTER datasets following evidence-based practices for teaching quantitative reasoning that are embedded in the Project EDDIE format. To continue building expertise and community, participants are expected to meet with small teams during the academic year to discuss teaching your modules, and make revisions on it in preparation for publication in the Project EDDIE module collection. You will also share opportunities with each other around shared interests in teaching and researching with LTER data.

Please note that this curriculum development workshop and community building experience is by invitation only for LTER community members and collaborators. (Note: We will have an open call to develop EDDIE modules at a January workshop. Please sign up for the Project EDDIE interest list if you want to stay in the loop on this or other opportunities to engage.)



Workshop Facilitators

  • Catherine O'Reilly, Illinois State University
  • Sarah Fortner, SERC at Carleton College
  • Cailin Huyck-Orr, SERC at Carleton College

Workshop Technical Staff

  • Monica Bruckner, SERC at Carleton College
  • Mitchell Awalt, SERC at Carleton College

Leader Workspace (limited access)

This workshop is supported by NSF IUSE Awards 1821567 and 1821564.

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