Teaching Materials

Project EDDIE has developed a variety of teaching materials -- from short video tutorials and statistical vignettes to classroom activities, take a look at the collections below to find ready-to-use materials that can be adopted as is, or adapted to fit your course. We also have guidance for how to use materials in your classroom as well as a quick-start guide for those who would like to make their own EDDIE-style module!

Project EDDIE-Developed Materials

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Ready-to-use modules use large publicly available online datasets to improve student quantitative reasoning. Ranging from one class period to a week, these materials have been pilot-tested and include all materials needed to complete the activities.
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Designed to help address statistical misconceptions and improve quantitative reasoning skills, vignettes utilize brief lectures, supporting materials, and an engaging story-line with diverse characters to help guide users through the relevant theoretical background.
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The EDDIE Teaching video & tutorial collection includes brief tutorials for software, including R, Excel, and EDDMapS, quantitative skills (regression), and teaching best practices.


Community-Contributed Resources

These collections were sourced by the community of educators.

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Using EDDIE Materials

Learn more about using EDDIE materials, including information about how materials were designed and a summary of features that can help you adapt EDDIE curricular modules and statistical vignettes to your course.

Get inspired! See how the community is using EDDIE modules in their courses.

  • Read through the collection of Instructor Stories for first-hand accounts of how instructors adapted the modules to their classrooms.
  • The Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) program, through a partnership with QUBES, brings together faculty interested in implementing Project EDDIE teaching modules that address quantitative reasoning and scientific concepts using environmental data. Read about participants' experiences and keep an eye out for opportunities to get involved.

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