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Explore NEON: 2-day workshop for graduate students
Megan Jones, National Ecological Observatory Network
This two-day workshop taught in November 2019 was designed for graduate students to introduce them to the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). The workshop materials include teaching how to access and ...

Principles of Biometry
Daniel Wiegmann, Bowling Green State University-Main Campus
This course provides an introduction statistical inference and to elementary statistical techniques commonly used by biologists. The course is intended to prepare students to learn more sophisticated statistical ...

ENVS 131: Introduction to Environmental Studies
Melissa Hage, Emory University
The environment impacts our way of life in many aspects (e.g., food and fiber production, resources for building shelter and infrastructure, water supplies, etc.). Adverse impacts to this environment affect the ...

Quantitative Methods in Environmental Science and Studies
Jennifer Bradham, Vanderbilt University
This course provides a broad overview of quantitative methods frequently used in environmental science and studies. The topics covered in this course will not be an exhaustive inquiry into specific statistical ...

Earth Science (GLY 1001 001 & 002)
Mustapha Kane, Florida Gateway College
This is an introductory course to Geology, Meteorology & Climate Change, Oceanography, and Astronomy.

Topics in Environmental Science: Data and Decision-making in Environmental Protection
Kay Bjornen, Oklahoma State University-Main Campus
The course is designed to introduce undergraduates to the use of real world data in the context of an interstate water pollution dispute. We depend on different branches of state and federal governments to make ...

Geology 2-Earth's Surface
Sarah Cadieux, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Earth's surface focuses on understanding how the surface of the Earth changes over time, by focusing on interactions of wind, water, ice and life with the lithosphere. As an introductory course, the emphasis ...

Introductory Hydrology
Joseph Zume, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
This course is an introductory level hydrology that focuses on the basic principles in hydrology. Students in this class learn the basics about surface and groundwater hydrology including water quality. Lab ...

BSAD 3055
Dr. Syed Ahmed, Xavier University of Louisiana
An introduction to the concepts of various quantitative methods such as Decision Analysis, Forecasting, Linear Programming, Inventory Management, and Project Scheduling and their role in the decision making ...

Plant Responses to Global Change
Laurel Anderson, Ohio Wesleyan University
This course explores how plants and ecosystems interact with the global environmental changes of rising temperatures, rising atmospheric carbon dioxide, increasing nitrogen deposition and changing precipitation ...