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GIS and Remote Sensing
Glenn Kroeger, Trinity University
An introduction to GIS, spatial analysis and remote sensing with an emphasis on natural science and environmental applications. The course begins by examining how all forms of information are digitally encoded. ...

Ecosystem Ecology
Mary Beth Kolozsvary, Siena College
This course studies the interrelations of organisms with each other and the environment. The lectures are equally divided between ecosystem ecology (energy and material flux, modeling), population ecology ...

Quantitative Methods in Environmental Science and Studies
Jennifer Bradham, Vanderbilt University
This course provides a broad overview of quantitative methods frequently used in environmental science and studies. The topics covered in this course will not be an exhaustive inquiry into specific statistical ...

Ecosystem Ecology
Courtney Campany, Shepherd University
This course covers topics related to terrestrial ecosystem ecology. By utilizing lectures, journal discussions, grand challenges and a data science tool kit students are immersed in the modern field of ecology that ...

Principles of Biometry
Daniel Wiegmann, Bowling Green State University-Main Campus
This course provides an introduction statistical inference and to elementary statistical techniques commonly used by biologists. The course is intended to prepare students to learn more sophisticated statistical ...

Environmental Geology
Dominike Merle-Johnson, Montgomery County Community College-West Campus
The course examines geologic processes that have an impact on humans and explores the impact that humans have on those processes, such as volcanic activity, slope process, coastal erosion, flooding, earthquakes; ...

Introductory Hydrology
Joseph Zume, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
This course is an introductory level hydrology that focuses on the basic principles in hydrology. Students in this class learn the basics about surface and groundwater hydrology including water quality. Lab ...

Earth Science (GLY 1001 001 & 002)
Mustapha Kane, Florida Gateway College
This is an introductory course to Geology, Meteorology & Climate Change, Oceanography, and Astronomy.

Explore NEON: 2-day workshop for graduate students
Megan Jones, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
This two-day workshop taught in November 2019 was designed for graduate students to introduce them to the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). The workshop materials include teaching how to access and ...

Environmental Issues
Sue Ebanks, Savannah State University
Environmental issues is designed for non-science majors. Students taking this course will be exposed to just enough science to help them discuss society-related issues for which environmental consideration is ...