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Project Eddie sees quantitative reasoning as the intersection of 1) math, 2) critical thinking, and 3) disciplinary or interdisciplinary context (see Figure 1 Elrod, 2014). In advance of the workshop, please submit a one to two page essay describing your approach to teaching quantitative reasoning and/or using data in the classroom, what learning you hope your students will gain, and your ideas for strengthening the connection between real world datasets and classroom activities. Please provide specific examples of approaches you have created and tried, or would like to try. If there are specific challenges you have faced in using these approaches you can discuss those and what you've tried to work around them, and where additional resources are needed. Your essay will become part of the public website.

Essays should be no longer than two pages. We will ask each of you to read all of the essays prior to the workshop, so your colleagues will appreciate your efforts at brevity and clarity. If there are references (either your own or the work of others) that are important to your thinking, please list them at the end of the essay. You will upload the text of your essay via an online form, but we suggest that you compose it in a word processing program, rather than typing it into that form as you compose it. Also, please proofread your essay, as we will not do that for you.

Complete the following form and click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page to contribute your essay to the EDDIE workshop website.

Copyright: You retain all rights to your contributed work and are responsible for referencing other people's work and for obtaining permission to use any copyrighted material within your contribution. By contributing your work to this website, you give Project EDDIE a license for non-commercial distribution of the material, provided that we attribute the material to you. The material is shared under a Creative Commons license (opens in a new window).

Please upload your essay (in PDF or Word format) using the file upload below. We need you to upload it as a file because most formatting will be lost from the text you pasted above. Having you both paste the text and upload the file saves us hours of work. (Thank you!)

You may also choose to upload up to two additional files or images to supplement your essay. This is completely optional. If you choose to upload additional files, you must hold the copyright to the file contents or have written permission to use them from the copyright holder.