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Project EDDIE (Environmental Data-Driven Inquiry and Exploration) is a community of STEM instructors and educational researchers. We develop and teach using flexible classroom modules that utilize large, publicly available datasets to engage students in STEM and improve their quantitative reasoning. Teaching modules span topics such as ecology, limnology, geology, hydrology, environmental sciences, and macrosystems ecology. Project EDDIE also helps build the associated professional development needed to ensure effective use of the teaching modules.

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Project EDDIE is Comprised of Three Initiatives

EDDIE Earth and Ecosystems

Earth and Ecosystems covers a range of topics (e.g., biology, ecology, geology, hydrology, environmental science), datasets, and quantitative reasoning skills (e.g., processing, communicating, and interpreting quantitative data) through validating curricular modules and developing a community of practice to engage faculty members fostering inquiry with large datasets. Teaching modules aim to improve students' quantitative reasoning skills.

EDDIE Macrosystems

Macrosystems ecology is the study of ecological dynamics at multiple interacting spatial and temporal scales. Our interdisciplinary team is developing flexible classroom modules that introduce undergraduate students to the core concepts of macrosystems ecology and ecological forecasting with hands-on modeling activities in the R programming environment. Macrosystems EDDIE is supported by funding from NSF EF-1702506, DEB-1926050, DEB-1926050 and DBI-1933016.

EDDIE Environmental Data

Our interdisciplinary team of faculty and research scientists developed flexible classroom modules that aim to expose undergraduate students to such real-world experiences. These modules utilize large, long-term, high-frequency and sensor-based datasets that can be used in a variety of introductory, mid-level, and advanced courses. Module topics include climatology, limnology, seismology, soil science, and hydrology.

Project Partners and Support

Project EDDIE is supported by funding from NSF (Earth and Ecosystems IUSE Award 1821567; Environmental Data DEB Award: 1245707; and Macrosystems EF Award: 1702506) and ACI (Award: 1234983). Project EDDIE is sponsored by the National Association for Geoscience Teachers.

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