Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Can we love our job while being squeezed under its weight?

Tuesday 3:00pm-4:15pm
Round Table Discussion


Kyle Fredrick, Pennsylvania Western University - California

Over the past few years many Geology programs have contracted or been reimagined under Environmental Sciences. This has been especially true at small PUI's or within small programs at larger institutions. Faculty with already heavy teaching loads are at risk of becoming overwhelmed by teaching responsibilities and further service obligations as their ranks diminish. The common outcome is the de-emphasis on fulfilling research that these educators often use for the intrinsic enjoyment of their discipline and for the satisfaction of contributing to the body of science. This round table will focus on identifying the common themes and pressures especially on mid-career faculty feeling isolated or adrift. Some may feel they have lost their competitiveness in the job market, that they lack natural collaborators or feel the weight of tenure and promotion as a hindrance to mobility. We will attempt to turn that focus to solutions through collaborative networking, support systems, and creating agency for participants at their current institutions.