Tuesday 1:30pm-2:40pm

Session Chairs

Beth Pratt-Sitaula, Earthscope Consortium
Beth Dushman, Howard Community College

This event will begin with a round-robin 1-2 minute "lightning" round to preview each activity, with the remaining time for attendees to circulate among presenters to interact in a small group format. Presenters will have a table to set up the materials for their activity as Share-A-Thon attendees circulate. The goal of this event is for presenters to share their favorite activities or lessons with colleagues who will get an overview of activities and have time to ask questions. Presenters are asked to provide attendees with an overview and information about the activity (handout, online link) so that it can be reproduced by attendees in their own classrooms.

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Mission to Mars: Teaching Space Exploration and Technology Through Low-Tech Rover Simulations
Juliane Gross, NASA; Lauren Neitzke Adamo, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Lauren Neitzke-Adamo, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Many misconceptions about Planetary Sciences and exploration still exist today despite the progress that scientists and engineers have made over the last 50+ years. Much of these advancements have occurred on Mars, ...

Inquiry-based modeling in Earth Science
Beth Dushman, Howard Community College
Two activities are presented here, both using the Model-Based Inquiry method, in which students are introduced to a phenomenon, model an explanation, test those models with real scientific data, and share and ...

Bergeron M&M's
Alicia Mullens, De Anza College
After explaining the concepts of Vapor Pressure and Saturation Vapor Pressure to my students, I use an "activity board" to represent a cloud along with M&M's to represent water vapor molecules to ...

Gillian B Haberli, EarthScope Consortium; Michael Hubenthal, EarthScope; Mladen Dordevic, IRIS Consortium
EarthScope has created a new, Free, earthquake analysis toolkit which adopts an inquiry-based approach. It empowers students to select either recent or historical earthquakes, browse and pick seismic stations, and ...

Exploring Geoscience-related Careers through Sustainability
Sequoyah McGee, American Geosciences Institute
The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has created free online resources for students to explore and get excited about careers in the geosciences that can help to develop solutions to many of the problems faced ...

Climate Change Health Impacts on Vulnerable Populations
Sabrina Brown, Defiance College
In this jigsaw activity, students identify the populations that are particularly vulnerable to climate change health impacts and distinguish why environmental issues disproportionately affect these vulnerable ...

Earth's climate system
Rondi Davies, CUNY Queensborough Community College
An exploration of Earth's climate system was created for a physical geology laboratory class at an urban community college in New York City. At the outset, students engage with a phenomenon-based exploration ...

Measuring Ground Motion with GPS: How GPS Works
Beth Pratt-Sitaula, Earthscope Consortium; Shelley Olds, EarthScope Consortium
This activity helps students better understand how GPS measures ground motion. Students work with models of GPS stations and printouts of typical GPS velocity vectors found near different tectonic boundaries. ...

Exploring ENSO through the El Niño/La Niña Slide Chart and Current Data
David Curry, Council Rock School District; Elizabeth Mills, American Meteorological Society
The past year has featured an active, warm phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation, considered historically "strong". El Niño developed in early summer 2023, peaked in November, and persisted through ...

Horses and Their Ancestors - A Geologic Time Scale Card Sort of the Cenozoic Era
Elisabeth Ervin-Blankenheim, Front Range Community College
The concept of geologic time can be difficult for students to grasp because of the vast scale of the Earth's 4.56-billion-year biography. This hands-on, minds-on activity highlights events during the Cenozoic ...

Utilizing Career Talks to Boost Student Interest and Career Awareness
Ben Maas, Metropolitan State University
Inviting people from a variety of careers into your classroom can not only be a way to boost interest in the topics covered in classes, but can also be used as a way to enhance career pathway awareness of students ...

Exploring Earth's Dynamic Systems
catherine etter, Cape Cod Community College
The Earth's Dynamic Systems Lab aims to illustrate the interconnectedness of Earth's systems by depicting global and local climate change variables, biogeochemical cycles, and natural versus ...

Spotlights and Stories: Improving representation and engagement of diverse individuals in introductory geoscience courses
Katy Sparrow, Georgia State University; Christy Visaggi, Georgia State University
"Spotlights and Stories" is a new initiative for introductory geoscience courses led by four faculty in the Department of Geosciences at Georgia State University (GSU). Through this easily adoptable ...

Get your hands wet!: Engaging elementary students in large-scale processes with hands-on models
Leah Youngquist, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus; Elizabeth Hajek, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
This activity is a set of interactive demonstrations about large-scale geologic processes. In the first demonstration, students conduct guided experiments using a stream table to discover how material is moved ...