Strategies and Best Practices in the Development and Execution of Youth Outreach Programs

Tuesday 3:00pm-4:15pm
Round Table Discussion


Leah Turner, The University of Texas at Austin
Elise Gonzalez, The University of Texas at Austin

This roundtable will spotlight the often-overlooked operational intricacies of youth outreach programs, using examples from GeoFORCE Texas at the University of Texas Jackson School of Geosciences, celebrating it's 20th summer in operation. Despite its impactful work, the day-to-day efforts involved, from staff recruitment to engaging stakeholders and executing contracts, often go unnoticed. The session aims to help participants identify crucial factors for successful partnerships, understand best practices in youth outreach collaboration, and prioritize essential elements for the longevity and impact of such programs. Bridging the gap between the unseen work of programs like GeoFORCE Texas and broader impact initiatives, this discussion will equip attendees with insights to effectively develop, contribute to, and partner with youth outreach programs.