Instructor and Student Toolkit for Movement and Safety in the Field

Tuesday 1:15-2:00pm PT / 2:15-3:00pm MT / 3:15-4:00pm CT / 4:15-5:00pm ET Online
Round Table Discussion


Avery Shinneman, University of Washington-Bothell Campus
Lyra Pierotti, Alpine Ascents International

Ready to get back outside?! If you take students into the field, especially at introductory levels, you likely have been the leader and guide for a student taking their first steps off-trail or experiencing new ways of moving – on steep, slippery, or uneven surfaces; in wet, windy, or icy conditions.

Some students choose field trips because they love the outdoors, but many arrive without background experience in camping, hiking, or even walking off-trail; if you've ever had an introductory student tell you that a field trip is the first time they've been out of the city, what did you do or say to gauge their comfort and safety?When you see students struggling on steep or uneven slopes, or in tough terrain, how do you support their learning to move safely in these outdoor spaces?

Join us for a dynamic and movement-filled round table to learn some small movement activities to support students as they explore new terrain and discuss ways to support and scaffold their growth in the outdoors.