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Join us for the fifth annual Earth Educators' Rendezvous in Nashville, TN! Drawing across the fields of geoscience, environmental science, sustainability education, and more, meeting attendees will have the opportunity to customize their program to learn broadly, focus on a particular issue or challenge, or something in between. Events include interactive workshops, oral and poster sessions, plenary talks and teaching demonstrations (see the Rendezvous program), or this browse of events related to Community Engagement.

Morning workshops and working groups will meet for two or three days. Workshops are interactive, with participants learning from experts and from one another. The extended lunch hour provides a break and an opportunity to network with colleagues. Poster sessions will begin during the lunch hour on two days and the posters will remain available through the close of the day's program, with authors present after afternoon sessions. During the afternoon you can pick from a mix of mini-workshops, round-table discussions and/or contributed talks or teaching demonstrations. Check out the sessions below that focus on community engagement at the Rendezvous this summer!

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Featured Events


  • Using Community Science to Advance Earth Science Learning afternoon workshop. 1:30-4:00pm.
    This workshop is for anyone interested in leveraging their Earth science teaching to produce meaningful local impact. We will introduce the practice of community science, in which projects are designed in partnership with community leaders and use Earth science to advance community priorities – and explore how community science can serve curricular goals from students from middle-school through college. Using case-studies and organizational partnerships, participants will learn strategies for connecting with local community groups. Through role-playing, participants will have an opportunity to practice scoping community science projects. Finally, we will deconstruct past community science projects so we know what kinds of student learning these projects are most likely to advance and what kind of additional learning supports might be needed to maximize that learning. Read more...
  • Earth Education Forum, 4:30-5:45pm.



  • Broaden and Diversify Your Reach Through Expanding Your Definition of 'Community of Practice afternoon workshop. 1:30-4:00pm.
    Community of Practice (COP) is a term for the collective learning that develops when people who desire to reach a common goal build a support network that fosters open communication and includes shared resources, exchanging lessons learned and engaging different perspectives and understandings. The Earth Educator Rendezvous can provide the foundation for Geoscience educators to build and solidify an instructional COP, but in order to broaden our community to include diverse voices and career experiences we need to develop an expanded definition. The Geosciences need to reflect the voices and needs of both our local and global community, engaging people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives to work with us in tackling issues and challenges that reflect their concerns. This workshop intends to provide guidance and opportunity for working on developing an expanded community of practice. We will specifically address the importance of identifying key members of your community and how to establish bi-directional learning between you, students and members of the community as you develop a diversity of voices through a regularity of interaction. The COP model can be applied to many different situations to encourage new knowledge in individuals or the group, to stimulate innovation and ideas or for distribution of knowledge within a group. The workshop will include discussion and shared experiences as well as demonstration of some communities of practice within the earth sciences. We will provide specific tools for growing your own community of practice as we focus on expanding and connecting more deeply in your own communities. Read more...
  • Poster Session - 4:30-5:45pm.

Thursday Events

  • Panel Discussion, 4:30-5:45pm: Grand Challenges in Earth Learning: Perspectives from Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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